Financial Literacy: Managing Money

This Masterclass provides children a hands-on experience in managing money. Children learn to make financial trade-offs and understand the value of money in an experiential manner.

Designed by:

Mohit Singh Bora

Mohit is an education sector professional with a focus on learning experience design. He is the Founder of QuestWorld and a proponent of building real world exposure and confidence in children. He has a B Tech from NIT Surat and an MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB). At school, he wishes he had more exposure to various professional fields and confidence to pursue fields beyond engineering and medicine.

Financial Literacy: Managing Money
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Rs 1,599
Rs 1,199
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2 days (weekend)
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6-10 students
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About the Masterclass

No matter what profession one pursues, money management is a foundational skill for everyone. This masterclass introduces children to managing finances and the crucial art of decision making when one can't have or buy everything that they want. Eventually, it helps students in appreciate the value of money through a practical money management experience.

What you will learn in this program?

The program focuses on building knowledge and practical skills in making wise financial  choices and valuing money. Students will learn:

  • Analyzing spending choices
  • Tracking income and expenses
  • Building a home budget
  • Making tough financial choices
  • That one can't purchase or have everything that they desire for

Children working in teams to play a real life simulation where they make all financial decisions and face all the consequences. This exercise provides children a hands-on experience in money management and making decisions.

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