Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We do not follow a strict syllabus. We do not grade students. We do not conduct exams. You might have a few questions about our objective and approach. We have listed down some of the commonly asked questions here.

What is your objective?

Our mission is to enable each child to become the best version of themselves by helping them learn what truly matters. To achieve this, each child is provided with real-world exposure to explore and identify their interests, and then pursue their quests – without the fear of failure or rebuke. We provide a safe learning space which helps children gain foundational skills and prepare for the real world they will face after school.

How is your approach different than the other programs?

We focus on building autonomy, accountability and independent thinking in kids. And to achieve this, in each session, we challenge students with case studies and problems based on real world situations. In each case, students have to propose their own solutions to problems, present them and defend them. In other words, instead of starting with theory, we start with the problems. Instead of explaining parts of a fishing rod and making them draw a diagram, we directly take them fishing.

Which programs do you offer?

At present, we offer three core programs: Financial Foundation, Explorer Program and SEL Program. Details of our programs can be found on our Programs page.

How do your programs help my child?

Each of the programs provides each child a safe space to learn hands-on problem solving. Whether it is about making better spending and saving choices or about managing one’s emotions, children discuss and learn from the various cases presented in class. Not only do children learn subject matter skills, they also gain real-world exposure and confidence to think independently make their own choices.

Where are your programs conducted?

Our primary medium for conducting programs is online. We do conduct offline and in-school programs on request.

What is the class size for your programs?

For online sessions, our class sizes typically are 8-10 students. For offline or in-school programs, we work with larger class sizes.

What is a Masterclass? How is it different from other programs?

A masterclass is a short 2 session weekend program aimed at providing children with exposure to the various professional domains that exist in the world. Each Masterclass is designed in collaboration with a leading professional from that particular domain.

Our 3 core programs on financial literacy, career exploration and mental health aim to establish a strong foundational base required by each child to gain the confidence, clarity and balance required to pursue whatever they wish to in life. On the other hand, Masterclass offers exposure to various domains and helps children understand the various professions that exist out there by solving case problems from each domain.

Do you offer trial classes for children?

We do not offer trail classes. The reason being – we believe, that the parents (and children) should be convinced about the value of our approach and topics covered before signing up.

Basing a student enrolment on success of a trial class puts in place unhealthy incentives for us as an enterprise. We do not have separate coaches for trail classes and actual classes. Nor do we try to do anything extra special or entertaining in the trial classes to attract the children to our full program. We offer a full refund in case you find the classes to be unsatisfactory or not-helpful for your child.

If you do not conduct tests, how do I know whether my child is learning?

Student progress is shared with parents at the end of each program. Child’s learning is captured in each session through the case solutions they present and the various learning activities they undertake. Coaches challenge their solutions and encourage them to think deeper. This process results in learning gains for the children demonstrated not only in their in-class activities but also in their everyday lives.

Do you allow cancellations or refunds?

Our method of case-based learning is not for everyone. If you do find that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the classes, you can withdraw your child from the program with a full refund on the remaining classes.

Prepare your child for the real world beyond school

Want to help your kids build the knowledge, confidence and clarity to explore their interests and pursue their quests? Speak with us to know how.

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