We are on a mission.
To help children become the best version of themselves.

Our Story

We have all felt it at some point– how unprepared education left us for the real world that followed soon after.

The best of formal education and advanced degrees from world’s leading institutions, often doesn’t provide adequate knowledge, skills or practice in navigating through many of the real life situations.

We created QuestWorld as a safe space for children to explore, learn and fail without the fear of judgement or rebuke. A space where children can understand how the real world works, deal with the uncertainty and make decisions as they would in real life, albeit in a safe protected space. It is a space to learn new things and learn by doing, failing and re-doing.

It is a space to learn what truly matters.

Our approach to education

We see and design education as a process that provides children with confidence, clarity and knowledge to make informed choices and take on the real world. These 3 aspects form the foundational pillars for our educational approach:


We encourage and expect children to learn to work and problem solve on their own without constant direction.


In all our programs, children make their own decisions and are accountable for their choices.

Non-threating guidance

We provide guidance in a way that does not dent the children’s confidence or set off a comparative race between them.

How children gain?

Our focus is not on completing syllabus, right answers or grades but on helping children gain the knowledge, confidence and clarity to pursue their interests and become the best version of themselves. Children gain as:

Independent problem solver

Children learn to think for their own and to find their own answers; not wait for someone else to tell them what to do.

Gain real world exposure

Children explore various professions linked to their interests. They also learn what it takes to pursue an interest to a profession.

Work confidently in groups

Children learn to solve problems in groups, build presenting and listening abilities. They also learn conflict resolution.

Our team

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Mohit Singh Bora


MBA,Indian School of Business (ISB)

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Program Lead


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Natasha Raje

Marketing Strategist


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