Why we built QuestWorld?

The best of formal education does not prepare us for the real world we face beyond schooling.

Most of education is based on following fixed syllabus, rewarding compliance over innovation and comparison-based assessment. Immediately after they finish schooling, children are expected to make high-stake decisions and take charge of their lives. But they often don’t have enough exposure, confidence or even practice in decision making.

It is hard. Even unfair. And we want to change that.

Leading professionals from varied domains feel they missed out on key skills and knowledge despite the best of education

Raghav Gupta

MBA, Oxford University,
Senior Manager, Expedia

“A key skill that I wish I had learnt is financial literacy. Learnt it through real life experiences and mistakes.”

Abhilasha Porwal

M. Arch., AA, london
Co-Founder, Kypad Design

“I wish I had exposure to different fields of work and opportunities to interact with professionals.”

Geetika Aggarwal

MBA, indian school of business
EU Category Lead, Amazon

“I wish I had learnt how to deal with failure. And that even if you feel sad or things don't go your way, it is okay.”

Janhvi Doshi

mba, indian school of business
strategic insights, navitas

“I wish I had built more confidence and self-assuredness. There was so little focus on individuality and expression.”

Raunaq Raje

Mba, great lakes institute
director - sales, zee5

“I wish I wasn't affected by what others thought of me and pursued what I thought was right.”

How we solve this problem?

We challenge children with problems based on real world situations and encourage them to think, present and defend their solutions – thereby building original thinking and confidence. Our approach is based on:

Case study method

Children work on cases based on real world situations and solve problems individually and in groups.

Reward innovation

We encourage innovation over compliance, nudge children to think unconventionally and to make decisions.

Feedback,not marks

We provide children feedback on their work where the focus is on original thinking and learning, not on topping tests.

What we offer?

We offers programs to build real world exposure in children, help them explore their interests and develop the confidence and clarity required to pursue them – without the fear of failure or rebuke.

Our Programs


Weekend sessions designed by industry experts aimed at providing exposure to various professional fields in a case-study based manner

Financial Literacy: Managing Money

Financial Literacy: Managing Money

This Masterclass provides children a hands-on experience in managing money. Children learn to make financial trade-offs and understand the value of money in an experiential manner.

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Online Session
Growth Mindset: Facing Failures

Growth Mindset: Facing Failures

We face small and big failures on an everyday basis. How can we better manage emotions arising from failure and build a growth mindset that helps us keep moving towards our goal?

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Online Session

What learning with us looks like?

What do parents say about us?


Arunkumar Manoharan

global marketing manager, bayer

“I was pleasantly surprised to see the change in my son's behaviour towards money. He intrinsically learnt to value money and even ensured that I don't splurge on the latest OnePlus phone!”


Nidhi Nangia

Founder, wordcafe

“This is exactly the kind of thing that our kids should know to become better people and better citizens, and not just better scholars. The program is meticulously designed and delivered.”


Alok Singh

Manager, supply chain, apar ind.

The program format was quite innovative and it built confidence in my son to express himself in a group. I am also glad that he learnt to manage and express his emotions better.”

We are a community

Of parents, educators and professionals working together to build real world exposure in children so that they can explore their interests and pursue their paths confidently and fearlessly.

Community Centre

Information, resources and personal accounts by experts to build confidence and real world exposure in children.

What do you wish you had learnt at school?

What do you wish you had learnt at school?

The best of formal education often does not prepare us for the life that follows. Everyone has a WILTAS. What is yours? *WILTAS = Wish I'd Learnt This At School

5 influences on self-confidence

5 influences on self-confidence

All of us want to be more confident and assured in our actions. And we wish the same for our children. But what is the nature of confidence? And how do we build it?


Community benefits include

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