Growth Mindset: Facing Failures

We face small and big failures on an everyday basis. How can we better manage emotions arising from failure and build a growth mindset that helps us keep moving towards our goal?

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Vrinda Loiwal

Vrinda is the Founder of Centre for Social and Emotional Learning (CSEL), with expertise in learning design and creating positive school culture. She is an alumna of Harvard Graduate School of Education and proponent of mainstreaming mental well being in education systems. Vrinda wishes that as a child she had learnt more on how to manage money and ways to manage difficult emotions that come up in difficult times.

Growth Mindset: Facing Failures
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2 days (weekend)
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About the Masterclass

Perseverance is one of the  most important factors in achieving whatever one sets upon. We often hear people say "Never give up" and "Keep trying" - how do we help kids understand experientially the ways to face failures and continue on their pursuits?

What children will learn?

In this Masterclass children will understand and relate to the role of perseverance in achieving goals. By the end of this children will:

  • Understand the meaning of goal setting and factors that influence the goal setting
  • Understand that perseverance / sustained effort is required towards achievement of the goal and progress is made in small steps
  • Experience failure after investing effort and time in a goal-related activity
  • Understand that failure provides feedback for correcting their path towards goal achievement and that one needs to face and learn from failure to achieve goal
  • Appreciate the amount of time (in years) it might take to achieve one’s goals
  • Understand the sacrifices others around us might have to make and hardships they might have to face in order for us to achieve our goals.

This Masterclass focuses on normalizing failures as steps towards achieving success. Children will study and analyze a real-life case and learn the ways to manage failures and manage the emotions that arise with it.

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